Customized Service Offering by Synnex

A comprehensive end-to-end service that encompasses a range of offerings that streamlines asset lifecycle process, reduce costs, and allow you to focus on your core business.

SYNLogistics offers a single point of contact to simplify your asset management and lifecycle processes from pre-configuring, delivery, installation and overseeing the onsite deployment to coordinating asset recovery

Configuration and Staging

A single point of contact for customers, simplifying the entire asset lifecycle process. It begins with pre-configuring the assets to meet specific requirements, managing the delivery, installation, and overseeing the onsite deployment. Synnex will handle asset recovery when the products reach the end of their lifecycle.

Project Scoping and Provisioning

Synnex’s team will work closely with customers to understand their unique requirements and scope out the project accordingly. This ensures that the best solutions are provided, tailored to each customer’s needs.

Third party Logistics and Storage

Synnex’s warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney are equipped with the necessary infrastructure, technology, multiple level security measures to ensure the safekeeping of goods, and advanced inventory management systems to track, monitor, and manages stock levels, ensuring adequate supply, and preventing stockouts.

Why use SYNLogistics?

Reliable, efficient service that helps you optimise your supply chain, reduce complexities, and provide a seamless experience.

Cost-effective solutions, scalable services, and value-added options to meet your unique services

A strong emphasis on maintaining consistency and accuracy across the customer’s environments. This ensures that the delivered solutions meet the highest standards of quality.

Focus on your core competencies, while entrusting Synnex to deliver a seamless asset lifecycle process, storage, distribution, and transportation needs